My purpose of running for the New York State Senate

  • Michael Carey

    The first and foremost reason that I am running for the 46th District Senate seat is to sincerely serve all people within Albany County and New York State in a much greater measure. As a reformer, I not only believe, but know, that I can be a large part of bringing much needed transformation in numerous areas. I will sincerely work hard and persevere until necessary changes are made. I will stand up and speak for what is right and just. I will truly serve the people within Albany County, and all of New York State, with utmost integrity. Since my oldest son Jonathan was killed three years ago, we have been able to successfully get 7 laws passed and signed into New York State law. Although the success I have had in getting laws passed has primarily been in the area of helping the disabled, I have many other important ideas in which I believe that I can tremendously help the people in New York State. I have worked many hours with numerous legislators and the legislative leaders in both houses over the past three years, and I have established a good rapport with many of them.

    I will be an excellent Senator for numerous reasons. I fully intend to help as many people as possible by restoring as much hope to people as I possibly can. I will be a big part of bringing about much greater transparency and dealing with corruption, and the extreme waste of tax payer money. I will sincerely listen and respond to the needs of all New Yorkers, young and old, disabled or not. My staff and I will be easily accessible to all of my constituents. I will consider all matters brought to my attention while striving for what is right and just. I will work on important issues with all legislators for the betterment of the people. We must get back to truly serving the people. We can and must properly care for those that cannot care for themselves. We must honor and respect those that are elderly, and in need of our assistance and protection. I will seek wise counsel from knowledgeable individuals that are experts in their field, to help restore New York. I ask for the opportunity to earn your trust.

    I believe everyone wants to see changes for the better or genuine reform. As a successful reformer I will do everything possible to encourage the people of Albany County to get involved and help bring necessary changes to pass. Many people have incredibly important and vital ideas that can become more than an idea or dream. Most people simply need encouragement and an avenue to bring forth what’s in their heart. Many people are angry and frustrated and I would like to see that turned into positive changes, as I have personally been able to do. It is quite obvious that we are going in the wrong direction, and we as the people of New York need to get onto the right track. We cannot continue to over tax New Yorkers, not come up with an appropriate budget and continue to overspend, and waste and mismanage the resources that are received. There are numerous creative ways to reform state agencies and save hundreds of millions of tax payer dollars annually. People that are not qualified cannot continue to be put in extremely highly paid positions of great responsibility just because they know someone, which is part of the reason for such mismanagement. Both Governor Paterson and former Governor Spitzer successfully campaigned by claiming that they would deal with corruption within state government, and the lack of transparency. I fully intend to not only fight for genuine transparency, but work extremely hard to not only expose corruption but put a stop to as much of it as possible.

    All people within New York need hope both now and for their future, and many do not have that now. Individuals that can work need to be employed, so I will do everything possible to find ways to see how new jobs can be created or old jobs refilled. I will work extremely hard with small businesses, as well as larger corporations, to create proper incentives to hire more people. This will help spur on or reenergize our economy. It is obviously hard for an individual or family to prosper if they are unemployed. Working with private citizens and businessman to revitalize our economy will be one of my top priorities. Capping or even reducing taxes where possible will be another top priority. This is possible when received taxes are managed and used appropriately.

    - Michael Carey

Legislative Successes Legislative Successes

  • Following death of my son Jonathan Carey, I began working as a parent advocate with numerous legislators to pass several laws to protect the disabled, including Jonathan's Law, which now gives parents and legal guardians access to incident reports and investigative records of abuse which were previously "sealed" and kept confidential for decades; Also had success getting an amendment to Jonathan's Law passed to open up retroactive access to records, dating back to 2003.

  • In 2008 had success changing the definition of Social Services Law 412, which previously stated that a children in residential care had to be at serious risk of death, protracted disfigurement, bodily organ damage, have protracted physical or emotional damage, or be sexually abused to be considered abused by New York State. All other cases not meeting this standard were "unfounded" until 2008 when the definition was changed. The new definition expands the definition of abuse to include several other types of abuse including when a child is kicked, choked, burned, slapped, punched, or smothered, etc., despite the level of damage to the child.

  • Also in 2008, had success as an advocate with several other laws, including banning the withholding of meals from the disabled for behavior management, and a bill to study of the effects of overtime on the behavior and performance of employees who work with the disabled, as well as another amendment to extend access to retroactive records.

  • In 2010 have had success with legislation which passed unanimously in both houses and was signed into law to increase the penalty for Endangering the Welfare of an Incompetent or Physically Disabled Person, from a misdemeanor to a felony.

  • Currently working on making Jonathan's Law a federal law, as well as supporting a federal bill to ban dangerous restraints and seclusion practices.